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          For 1x Chain

          The best choice for 1x drivetrains

          Our solution for the 1x trend

          The chamfer design in our chains ensures the links are effortlessly taken in by the sprocket, loading perfectly into narrow-wide chainrings. Can be used with new 1x, or 2x and 3x drivetrains.




          A chain specifically developed for the mid drive eBike

          KMC proprietary riveting tech has a pin power of 450 kgf. On a mid drive eBike, it can withstand more than 1050 kgf, exceeding the global standard by 33%. Whatever the terrain, our eBike chain will keep you going strong and safe.


          Life Style

          Life Style

          Dress it up
          Pimp it up

          Make a statement with colored chains

          Be bold. Be expressive.
          Passing the global standard for paint adhesion testing, the color coating on our chains is amazingly strong and doesn't easily chip. Just ride and be you.




          No more rusting from rain or snow.

          Extreme protection from extreme conditions

          KMC has you and your EPT chain completely covered. Every part is 100% coated using the same method supercar parts are coated. The antirust performance on these chains is 10 times greater than the average.


          Make life easier

          Our patented designs allow users to mix and match with ease which means fewer parts to manage for our dealers.

          Systems Integration
          Total Solution


          Solutions for different bikes, different needs.

          Setting the trend with new designs.

          A global brand, trusted partners, strong R&D, a commitment to excellent service and more than 300 patents keeps us ahead of the curve.

          Best For You

          Leading Tech Easy to Ride

          New tech married with new materials has allowed us to create a chain that is light and strong. Whichever your bike, we have a chain that will take you to a whole new level of riding.


          The quickest way to get going again.

          Patented invention. Acclaimed by iF Design Award. Get back riding again in no time. Amazingly fast and safe.

          3-Step DIY Care

          How to keep you chain working like new

          Dr. Chain says:
          Check, clean, and grease.
          Safe and easy.

          Riveting Tech

          Conquer any terrain

          All new riveting tech drives pin power to new heights. With a pin power of 450kgf, even a mid engine ebike is a piece of cake.

          All New X Design

          A brand new X bridge design that's more efficient than ever.

          Revolutionary 1x solution. Our chamfer design allows for precise loading into even narrow wide chainrings. You'll never have to skip a beat again when you shift.


          KMC Global Partner Brands

          KMC works with these partners to innovate, so you can have the best ride using the best chain.